Do you have downturned eyes and find it hard to do your eyeliner? Do you have hooded eyes and find it hard to do any type of eyeliner? If so, you are not alone.

Many people have a hard time doing their eyeliner because of the shape of their eyes. This article will show you how to do batwing eyeliner for downturned eyes and hooded eyes.

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How does Bat Wing Eyeliner work on Hooded Eyes?

Batwing eyeliner works best when used on hooded eyes. When wearing batwing eyeliner on hooded eyes, you should start with a light layer of mascara over the top of your existing eyeliner.

Then, follow these instructions to create a perfect wing-shaped eyeliner design.

Step 1: Apply Primer

Primer is a foundation product applied to the skin before you put on your foundation. It helps create an even surface for your foundation to adhere to, and it also helps make your foundation last longer.

Step 2: Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a cosmetic applied to the eyelids and around the eyes to make them appear more significant, more awake, and create a defined border. There are many different types of eyeliner available, including pencils, liquid liners, and powders.

Step 3: Wing Out Eyeliner

Wing-out eyeliner is one of the most popular methods of applying eyeliner. This method involves drawing a line from the inner corner of the eye down to the nose or up along the top lid, then extending the line along the outer edge of the upper lid. You can apply wing-out eyeliner with either a brush or by using your finger.

Step 4: Line Up The Lashes

Line up the lashes first, starting at the root of the lash and working toward the tip. Make sure to keep the liner thin enough so that it doesn’t look thick and clumpy.

Step 5: Draw A Curved Line Around The Eye

Draw a curved line around the entire perimeter of the eye. Remember to start in the center of the brow bone and work outward.

Step 6: Add More Color To Your Eyes

Once you’ve drawn a curvy line around the entire eye, add some color to the edges of the liner. Start at the inside corner of the eye and pull downward, making sure to stop just below the lower lash line.

Step 7: Finish With An Eyebrow Pencil

Finish off your eyes with an eyebrow pencil. Use a small pointed brush to blend the lines.

Step 8: Clean Up Any Smudges

If you smudge your eyeliner as you’re getting ready, use a makeup remover wipe to clean it right away.

Batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes

Batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a beautiful, glamorous look. All you need is a little bit of patience and practice.

Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Brush on a light layer of mascara over top of the existing eyeliner
  2. Dip a small brush into eyeliner and wipe across upper lashline
  3. Begin drawing inwards from the inner corner of the eye toward nose or above top lid
  4. Continue along the outer edge of lips as well as underneath brow bone
  5. Once the bottom half is completely done, begin again at the center of the browbone and work backward
  6. Blend eyeliner together using a small pointed brush
  7. When finished, sweep eyeliner down with a blush brush
  8. Gently lift eyeliner with finger and remove any undone areas
  9. Smooth eyeliner with a foundation brush
  10. Apply another coat of eyeliner for extra thickness
  11. Lastly, apply a lasting eyeshadow primer (Optional)

How To Do Baked Eyeliner For Dark Brown Eyes

Baked eyeliner is one of those techniques that you have to practice before you master it. However, once learned, it’s pretty easy to put on.

It requires a lot of patience, though, because you have to wait for the eyeliner to dry before applying more layers.

Baked eyeliner technique. Here are the basic steps for baking eyeliner.

  1. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, apply a thin layer of creamy eyeliner.
  2. Make sure there are no gaps between the eyeliner and your lashes.
  3. Next, move up towards the top lid.
  4. Then, gently pull the eyeliner down along the bottom lash line.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you reach the outer corners of the eye.
  6. Finally, sweep the eyeliner upwards along the upper lashline.
  7. The result should look like this:

Top 5 Bat-Winged eyeliners for different eye shapes

Bat-Winged eyeliners for different eye shapes

Apply a liquid formula on your penciled wing

Using a liquid formula allows you to create more defined lines. And because it’s less likely to smudge, it’s perfect for drawing wings on older eyes.

Start by filling in your outer corner first. Then move inward towards the center of your eye. The key here is to keep the line as close to your natural lashes as possible.

When you finish, run your fingers over the top of your brush. It will help remove excess products. Finally, set your brush down and blot your face.
Now you’re ready to go.

Make a rough sketch of your shape.

It’s always helpful to have a rough idea of what you want before you begin. 

So if you’d like to try this technique, follow these steps:

  1. Draw a circle on paper.
  2. Add a horizontal line at the bottom of the circle.
  3. Connect the bottom of the circle to the bottom of the horizontal line.
  4. Fill in the rest of the space inside the circle.
  5. Add a vertical line above the horizontal line.
  6. Create two smaller circles below the vertical line.
  7. Connect them to the bottom of the vertical line.
  8. Continue adding dots and connecting them until you reach the middle of the circle.
  9. Once you’re done, trace around the outline of your shape onto your skin.
  10. Make sure that you don’t get too close to your eye.

Winged eyeliner for small eyes

For people who have small or narrow eyes, winging their lids is easier than it might seem. Begin by outlining your lower eyelid. Then, connect the outside edge to the inside edge.

Once you’re done, fill in the area between the two edges. You’ll notice that the darker color flows better than, the lighter ones. Once you’re done, wipe off any excess product using a tissue.

Then, blot your face and wash away any remaining product. Now you’re good to go.

Downturned eyes’ winged eyeliner

Fill in the area between your eyebrows and your lower lash line to make a wing look natural. Draw a thin line starting at the bridge of your nose and ending at the end of your eyebrow.

Add another line going up from your hairline to meet the previous one. Connect both lines with a third line.

Fill in the area between your eyes and your lower lashline with a dark brown liner. Finish by applying mascara.

Here are some tips for creating a natural-looking wing:

  • Use a light hand when applying wing makeup.
  • Apply shadow under your eyes, so they appear more prominent.
  • Don’t apply mascara on your lower lashline. Instead, use a clear gloss to give your eyes a shimmery effect.
  • If you wear glasses, choose black eyeliner instead of brown.
  • Choose a matte rather than shiny lipstick.

If you still need help, check out our video tutorial!

Eyeliner with a winged effect for round eyes

Creating a winged eyeliner for round eyes isn’t all that difficult. Just start by lining your upper lid. Then, add a second line slightly higher than the first one.

Next, draw a third line below the second one. Next, add a fourth line on the outer corner of your eye. Continue to add more lines until you reach the inner corner of your eye.

Use a pencil to create the wings. Wipe away any excess product with a cotton ball. Blot your face and wash away the product. Apply mascara to finish off your look.

This trick will work best for those with medium-sized eyes. If you have large eyes, you may need to practice before trying this style. Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes For hooded eyes, winging the lids can be tricky.

Start by drawing a thick line along your lower lashline. Next, add a thinner line above it. Lastly, connect these two lines with a third line just above the top of your brow bone.

Afterward, add a fourth line below the third one. The key to making a wing look natural is to avoid getting too close to your eye’s pupil.

The darker color should flow better than the lighter ones, which fade faster. When you’re finished, clean up any stray eyeliner with a tissue and wash away any excess product.

Use your fingers to blend the edges if needed. Finally, apply mascara to complete the look.

To learn how to wing your eyelashes, check out the video!

Different looks to try with batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes

You can use any type of eyeliner for this look. Just remember to choose something that matches your skin tone. Here are some ideas on what kind of look you could achieve with batwing eyeliner.

The classic

Eyebrow shaping is the essential part of creating a beautiful shapely brow. To achieve this goal, follow our step-by-step guide:

  • Start by filling in your eyebrows using a pencil or gel.
  • Using a small angled brush, sweep upward over each brow.
  • Gently press down into your skin. It will ensure that no hairs are pushed out of place.
  • Once you’ve done this, lightly comb your brows downward toward the middle of your forehead.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a complete set of well-groomed brows.
  • Finally, apply some tinted moisturizer to keep your brows looking fresh throughout the day.

You’ll find that as you get to know your brows, you’ll become able to perfect them.

Once you master the art of eyebrow shaping, you’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

Concealer is a great way to refresh your appearance.

Concealer is not only helpful in concealing blemishes and dark circles under your eyes but also for brightening up your complexion. To achieve this result, use a concealer with light coverage to mask your true beauty.

Once you’ve blended the concealer evenly across your entire face, apply a translucent powder to your cheeks and nose. Use a fluffy brush to even out the tone of your skin.

Finish by applying a translucent finishing powder to your forehead, chin, cheekbones, and nose. It will help minimize shine while giving you a radiant glow.

As always, use a good quality foundation, blush, and lip balm to complete your makeup routine.

Sheer Gray Bat Wings eyeliner

Gray bat wings eyeliner is another popular trend among celebrities. It works exceptionally well on women who have pale skin tones.

Start lining your upper lid with a black liner to create gray bat wings. Next, draw a thin line along your bottom lashes using a white eyeliner pen.

If you prefer a more dramatic effect, then use brown eyeliner instead. Next, fill in the spaces between the outer corner of your eyes and the inner corners of your eyelids using a black eyeliner.

Finally, add a tiny amount of black eyeliner at the end of your lower lashline. Apply mascara to your lower lashes to finish off the look.

To see how to do this, look at yourself watch the tutorial!

Prime your eyelids

Before starting your makeup routine, prime your eyelids with a primer. Primers help prevent creasing, making your eyes appear brighter and more awake.

They also work wonders when applied before eye shadow. Makeup Primer When choosing a primer, make sure it’s oil-free. A lot of primers contain oils that may clog pores and cause breakouts.

Choose one with a matte finish if you’re prone to oily skin. Opt for a primer that contains sunscreen for those with dry skin types. It can find these products in drugstores.

After applying your primer, wait 15 minutes before using any other product. The longer you leave the primer on, the better it will absorb your skin.

Garnier Fructis Instant Eye Brightener Eye brighteners are available in different forms: powders, liquids, gels, and pencils. The best thing about these products is that they don’t require much effort to apply.

All you need to do is wet your fingertips and dab the product onto your lids. Some people like to mix their eye brightener with water first to warm it up slightly.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you do or not. The key is to ensure that you get enough product on your fingertips without having to rub them together too hard.

I recommend using a cotton ball to pick up some product from the jar. I love Garnier Fructis Instant Brightening Eye Cream because it creates instant results.

You only need to use a small amount, and it lasts all day long. It also comes with SPF protection, suitable for daytime and nighttime wear. My favorite way to apply eye cream is to gently pat it over my entire face, including my under-eye area.

Then, I sweep my fingers across the rest of my face to blend everything evenly. This method ensures that I’m not missing out on anything. Use a concealer brush to apply your concealer.

Using a large, fluffy brush helps to spread the product smoothly. If you want to go simple, try using a concealer stick.

Draw an angled point

To give your eyes a more defined shape, draw an angled point at the very center of each pupil.

Start by drawing two dots near the center of your eyelid where you want your eyebrows to sit.

Then, connect the dots with an imaginary line. Use a pointed liner brush and apply a thin line along the imaginary line.

Foggy Bat Wings eyeliner

Start with a clean, dampened eyeliner brush to create the look above.

Next, dip the tip into a pot of black liquid eyeliner. Work the brush back and forth to smear the color across your lid.

Set the brush aside once you’ve achieved the desired effect and allow the eyeliner to dry completely. Once it’s dried, use a flat top mascara wand to coat the lashes with mascara.

Apply another layer of mascara to the bottom half of the lashes. Apply a clear mascara to the top half of the lashes.

Graphic lines

To achieve the graphic lines seen above, start by lining the inside corner of your eye with a dark brown eyeliner. Then, smudge the liner around the outside edge of your eye.

Repeat this step until you have created a series of concentric circles. Apply a light brown eyeliner to define the line for the outermost circle.

Finally, fill in the spaces between the circles with a darker brown eyeliner. When you’re done, apply clear mascara to complete the look.

Set primer with powder

The powder can be used to set your makeup while keeping it looking fresh throughout the day. A translucent setting spray will help keep your skin hydrated.

A good setting spray has a high percentage of alcohol, evaporating quickly. Make sure to apply the setting spray directly onto your skin before putting on foundation or other products.

The best setting sprays contain ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. I usually apply one layer of setting spray to my face before applying foundation.

I also apply a few drops of moisturizer to my hands to prevent them from drying out. Apply a light dusting of loose powder over your entire face.

Blend well to ensure that no areas get missed. Apply a second layer of powder under your cheekbones and jawline. It helps even out the appearance of pores and fine lines. Use a fluffy brush to buff away excess powder.

Add some bronzer for a natural-looking glow. Apply a third layer of powder to your nose, forehead, chin, and neck. You can also use a powder compact to add more coverage to these areas.

If you don’t feel comfortable using powders, try using a pressed powder instead. It works just as well but is less likely to clog your pores. If you want to go all out, you can use tinted sunscreen.

Apply a small amount to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Allow to sit for five minutes, then blot with a tissue. To avoid breaking down your sunscreen, make sure not to rub it into your skin. Instead, gently pat it against your skin to absorb the product.

Draw a line in the lash line

To draw a line in your lash line, start by drawing a thin line along your lower waterline. Then, continue by adding a thicker line at the end of the first line.

You can also draw parallel lines across your eyes. These lines should be slightly offset from each other. Create a triangle shape by connecting the two ends of the straight line.

Fill in the space inside the triangle with a thinner line. Apply mascara to your lashes. Cover the tips of your lashes with clear mascara. You can also apply mascara to your top lashes if you’d like.

Cover the bottom lashes with dark mascara. Let dry completely before removing. Apply a clear gloss to finish off the look. Clear glosses are great because they’re easy to remove without staining your lips.

They come in many different shades, making finding something that matches your complexion easier. Apply the gloss to your lips. Gently press your lips together so that the gloss stays put.

Remove the gloss after 10 minutes. Use a lip liner pencil to define your lips. Lip liners give your lips a defined shape. Some people prefer to use liquid lipstick instead.

But I’ve found that lip liners tend to work better for me. To create a more dramatic effect, fill in any gaps between your lips with a darker color. Choose a shade that’s similar to your natural lip tone.

Once the liner has dried, blend it out with a lip brush. Finish off your makeup routine with a touch of blush. Choose a soft pink blush to complement your skin tone.

Apply the blusher to your cheeks. Smudge the blush outwardly to achieve a subtle highlight on your cheekbones. The last step is to apply concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles.

Video – Hooded Eye Eyeliner Tutorial – The Bat Wing

FAQs How to do batwing eyeliner

What is batwing eyeliner?

 Batwing eyeliner is an eye makeup style with a thin line drawn around the top of the upper lashline. The line can be straight or curved.

How can I apply batwing eyeliner?

First, brush on a light layer of mascara over the top of the existing eyeliner to apply batwing eyeliner. Next, dip a small pointed brush into your eyeliner and wipe across your upper lashline.

Begin drawing inwards from the inner corner of your eye toward your nose or above your top lid. Continue along the outer edge of your lips and underneath your brow bone.

Once you’ve finished the bottom half of the eye, begin again at the center of your browbone and work backward. Blend the eyeliner using a small pointy brush when you’re done.

Lastly, apply another coat of eyeliner for extra thickness. Apply a lasting shadow primer if needed. Try out different colors for your eyeshadows. You can also experiment with different types of brushes.

How do I make my eyeliner last longer?

One trick to help extend the life of your eyeliner is to keep your makeup bag organized. It will prevent your eyeliner from drying out while you’re not wearing it. Also, store your eyeliner in a container filled with water.

How do you do Alt eyeliner?

Alt eyeliner is very similar to baked eyeliner. Alt eyeliner was created by the same person who invented baked eyeliner. The only difference is that alt eyeliner is applied wet instead of baked.

It’s just as simple as applying baked eyeliner. You start by brushing on a light layer of waterproof mascara over your already set eyeliner.

Next, you take a fine-angled brush and lightly drag the tip across your upper lash line, starting at the inner corner of your eyes.

Then you repeat the process on the lower lashline. Finally, apply a second coat of mascara for extra volume. If you want even more drama, add false lashes.

How do you do winged eyeliner with a double eyelid?

Double eyelids require a bit more precision than single eyelids. First, you need to draw a line along the inside of each natural eyelash. It helps define the shape of your eyelashes.

Next, use a pencil sharpener to create a tiny hole on the end of your eyeliner. Now you’ll be able to place the eyeliner onto the back of your hand.

Using your index finger, press the eyeliner against your skin. You now have a perfect guide to follow when drawing on your eyelids.

Start at the outside edge of your natural eyelashes and slowly bring the eyeliner inward towards the center of your eyelid.

You can also try placing a piece of tape under your lower lids to help hold the eyeliner in place. Simply peel off the tape when you’re ready to remove the eyeliner.

How do you fix hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are caused by excess oil around the tear ducts. Sometimes this happens because we get too much sleep. Other times, it’s due to allergies or dryness.

There’s no way to “fix” these problems in either case. However, you can minimize their appearance by keeping your eyes moisturized.

To do this, apply a thin layer of eye cream every night before bedtime. Also, wear sunglasses whenever possible. It will block the sun from causing any further damage.

Should you wear eyeliner with hooded eyes?

Yes! Eyeliner is essential when you have hooded eyes.

Because they look so dramatic, people often assume that they don’t work with hooded eyes. But the truth is, they look great.

They give you definition and separation between your two eyes. And they hide those pesky bags under your eyes.

What eyeliner shape is best for hooded eyes?

Eyeliners come in all shapes and sizes. But most importantly, they should fit comfortably on your face. So choose one that doesn’t make you feel like you will fall asleep during the application.

For hooded eyes, I recommend a full-coverage liner. These tend to be thicker and last longer than other types of liners.

I also love using liquid eyeliner. It gives me a lot of control when creating precise lines.

Here are some tips for making your eyeliner look flawless:

  1. Start with a clean, fresh makeup sponge.
  2. Apply a small amount of eye cream to the sponge.
  3. Using short strokes, gently tap the sponge into the eyeliner until it’s smooth and blended.
  4. Be sure to blend out any harsh edges.
  5. If you prefer, you can also use a dampened cotton ball instead of a sponge.
  6. Use a light touch when applying your eyeliner.
  7. When finished, blot your face with a tissue.
  8. Then, wash away any leftover product with warm water and soap.
  9. Finally, pat your face dry.
  10. Now you’re ready to go!

How do you apply winged eyeliner to old eyes?

If you’ve had surgery to correct drooping eyelids, then you may not be able to draw wings on your upper lid.

That’s okay, though. You can still achieve a beautiful effect. First, start by lining your entire upper lashline with a black pencil.

Then, add a few fine lines along the outer corner of each eye. It creates a soft transition from your brow to your upper lashline.

Next, line the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, fill in the crease behind your nose.

Is it true that winged eyeliners make your eyes look bigger?

Absolutely! They help define your eyes and create the illusion of more enormous eyes.

Plus, they’re fun to play with. So here’s how to get started:

  • Draw a straight line across the top half of your eyelid.
  • Next, extend the line down below your lower lashes.
  • Then, draw another line above your upper lashes.
  • Lastly, connect both ends of your lines.
  • Voila! Your eyes now look much more awake and alert!


By following the steps in this article, you will be able to do batwing eyeliner for downturned eyes and hooded eyes. If you want to learn how to do bat wing eyeliners for hooded eyes, go ahead and read this article!