How to Grow Out Bangs in 2 Weeks: A Guide

The struggle is real. Trying to grow out bangs can be frustrating, especially when your hair doesn't cooperate! Here are some helpful tips for growing out bangs with ease.
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Growing out bangs can be a long and tedious process. The hair on the sides of your head will grow faster than the hair in front, so you’ll have to get used to seeing the same style for a while.

If you want to avoid spending hours in front of the mirror every day trying to cover up unruly hairs, follow these steps!

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

To create extra volume, add a volumizing mousse or powder to your hair before drying it and styling it. Give curls more bounce by using products that define the curl pattern (but don’t make them crunchy).

Curls will be more defined if you apply oil in small sections of your hair from root to tip then use a diffuser on medium heat for about five minutes. Use spray gel on top to give the style some hold while fighting frizziness.

A good haircut can also help with growing out bangs; ask your stylist for layers around the face! Hair grows faster when it’s cut shorter so this is a great way to speed up hair growth without having long strands fill in slowly over

Apply dry shampoo to the roots of your bangs and brush them through

This will soak up any excess oils, keeping hair from getting greasy as quickly.

You can make a statement that is true for many people’s experience with their hair: when you apply the product at the root level, it helps keep grease away!

Apply some dry shampoo on these areas before brushing out those beautiful locks in order to avoid oily-looking strands altogether.

If you have bangs that hang down in your face, it can be hard to get a good look at them. When you style with light or wet hair, the weight of the strands will pull on these delicate hairs and cause breakage!

If this is an issue for you, try styling when dry.

This way those sensitive follicles are not pulled away from their safe space near the scalp!

Some products work better than others – if it’s time-sensitive like before bedtime, use something more heavy-duty like a volumizer spray or gel so they stay up all night long.

Voluminizers tend to last longer while gels provide more hold which may come in handy depending on what kind of product texture works best for

Use a texturizer on the top layer of hair, then blow dry it straight back 

If your hair is thick, use a texturizer on the top layer of it to create movement. Blow dry with hot air moving from roots to ends and comb through while drying for added volume at the bottom.

TIP: Use a texturizer on the top layer of hair, then blow dry it straight back. If your hair is thick, use a texturizer on the top layer of it to create movement. Blow dry with hot air moving from roots to ends and comb through while drying for added volume at the bottom.

Pssst! The best time to put in extensions or weave is when you’re growing out bangs because they’ll blend right in!

The secret? Do not cut off any length – only trim what’s sticking up around your face so that those sensitive follicles are just above skin level rather than an inch away. This will give them room to grow and also avoid breakage caused by awkward styling

Brush all of your hair over one shoulder while leaving the other side down in front of you 

Brush your hair forward, and then flip it back to reveal the other side.

Translation: Brush all of your long locks over one shoulder so that you’re left with a front-facing half-up ‘do on only one side. Brush your hair forward, then flip it back to reveal the other side.

Now, take a few strands from in front of either ear and brush them down over your face on that same side. This will help cover up any weird parts left exposed when you flipped the hair out of your way  

Grab those last bits by brushing yours or someone else’s fingers through your bangs while holding onto them with one hand  

Use an elastic band to braid two small sections – top half on each side – into braids about three inches long per month. Place these at eye level so they’ll be hidden behind what’s still hanging around in front of you (it should now look like a regular hairstyle!)

Take bobby pins or an elastic band and secure the bottom section behind your ear, so that it is out of sight 

Use your hands to form a clever bun and tuck in the hair at the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins or an elastic band, so that it is out of sight

A twist on one trendy celebrity’s style: create two sections – top half for volume, bottom section tucked around the ear as seen here

Create a bun and tuck in the hair at the nape for an instantly chic look to the side

Repeat steps one through four every day or two until all your bangs are gone!

What You’ll Need: hairspray, bobby pins, elastic band. Good luck! You can also use this same trick with any hairstyle that you don’t want peeking out from behind–a ponytail would work just as well as braids (but might not be quite as easy to re-create).

Use this simple trick to make sure all of my long locks stay out of sight!

This is a really easy way to keep hair out of your face! All you need for this trick is an elastic ponytail holder with some bobby pins. When I have long locks, all I do is twist my hair into two sections and put the elastics in them then pin it up so that no one will see me.

Use this simple trick from beauty expert Isabella Diasdouros-Chenier–and make sure all of those pesky strands are under wraps at last!

It is possible, but it’s tricky. You’ll need to take care of your hair with deep conditioning treatments and use dry shampoo when necessary so that you don’t have greasy roots.

You can also try cutting the front pieces shorter than the back ones [or] curl them under if they’re long enough to do that.

If you want fuller lobes, consider adding extensions near your face or growing out some layers at the bottom for added volume.

The best way to avoid thinning hair growth? Keep up on regular trims! Having those tresses trimmed every six weeks will help keep any split ends from forming and could even extend their lifespan by as much as 25%.

Style as usual – this will give you fuller-looking bangs without having to cut them for now!

If you want to curve your bangs, the best way is by using a soft wave iron. Curling them can also work, but it isn’t as natural-looking.

Give your hair a break from the heat! This will help prevent damage and keep your bangs nice and shiny.

The best hairstyles for growing out bangs are ones that don’t involve too much styling (i.e straightening or curling).

You want to make sure you’re not putting any excess pressure on those tresses so they’ll grow faster. And if you need some extra hold without adding volume, use hairspray instead of mousse or gel – all three of these products have alcohol which dries out strands and makes them brittle over time [or] try using volumizing powder like Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse.


How to Grow Out Your Bangs With These 5 Easy Hairstyles?

Growing out bangs is easy when you know how to do it right. The key is to grow them out slowly and evenly, and keep them away from your eyes. If you want to grow out your bangs, here are some tips:

1. Start by cutting off about 1/4 inch of hair at the top of your head.

2. Then cut off another 1/4 inch of bangs.

3. Continue doing this until you’ve got about 3 inches left.

4. Use a small amount of hairspray to secure the remaining length of bangs.

5. Let air dry completely before washing your hair.

How to Grow Out Bangs: Tips, Tricks, and Hairstyles?

Growing out bangs is a great way to change up your look. If you want to grow out bangs, then you need to know how to do it right. There are several ways to grow out bangs. The first step is to trim them down to about 1/4 inch long. Then, you should use a wide-tooth comb to gently pull the hair back from the face. Next, you should apply some hairspray to keep the bangs in place. Finally, you should blow dry the bangs using a round brush.

How To Grow Out Bangs Without the Weird Phase?

If you want to grow out bangs without the weird phase, then you need to use a hair growth product that contains natural ingredients. There are several types of hair growth products available, such as shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. However, some of these products contain harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your hair.

Are you tired of your current hairstyle?

If you are tired of your current hairstyles, then you should consider getting a haircut. A haircut is one of the easiest ways to change your look. There are many different types of haircuts, such as short hair, long hair, and curly hair.

How to Grow Out Your Bangs Without Completely Hating Your Hair?

If you want to grow out your bangs without completely hating your hair, then you need to know how to do it properly. The first step is to trim your bangs to a length that is just above your eyebrows. Then, use a wide tooth comb to gently pull your bangs forward. Finally, apply some hairspray to keep them in place.

What else can I do to help my bangs grow out faster?

There are several things you can do to help your hair grow faster. First, avoid using heat styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and straighteners. These devices can damage your hair and cause breakage. Second, use a wide tooth comb when brushing your hair. This helps prevent tangles and knots from forming. Third, don’t brush your hair too often. Brushing your hair too often causes split ends and breaks the hair shaft. Finally, try to keep your hair moisturized. Moisturizing your hair keeps it healthy and strong.

How to Grow Out Your Bangs Without Looking Awkward?

If you want to grow out your bangs without looking awkward, then you need to know how to do it properly. The first thing you should do is trim your bangs to the length you desire. Next, you need to use a product like Bumble & Bumble’s “Bangs Styler” to smooth them down. Finally, you need to apply some hairspray to keep them from getting too frizzy.

How long does it take to grow out bangs?

It takes about 2 months for your hair to grow out bangs. However, you should be careful when cutting your bangs because they can easily fall back into place. If you want to keep them longer, you can use a hair extension.

Is it harder to grow out bangs after 40?

Yes, it is much harder to grow out bang hair after 40. The main problem is that women tend to use less product when they get older, which means that their hair becomes dryer and thinner. This makes it harder for them to achieve volume and fullness.

What is the best way to grow out bangs?

The best way to grow out your bangs is to use a hair growth product that contains minoxidil. This drug stimulates hair follicles to produce new hair strands. Minoxidil is available at pharmacies and beauty supply stores.


Growing out bangs can be a long and tedious process. The hair on the sides of your head will grow faster than the hair in front, so you’ll have to get used to seeing the same style for a while. Knowledge is power when it comes to looking good!

Get some expert advice from one of our stylists at Coachella Salon & Spa by scheduling an appointment today.

We’ve got all sorts of services that cater towards growing out those pesky bangs-from extensions, clip-in pieces or just regular maintenance cuts with scissors; no worries here!

blunt bang

The best way to keep a fringe in place is with the help of hair extensions, but they can be expensive. If you’re looking for an alternative solution, try using bobby pin or clips instead.

hair healthy tips

1. Use a wide tooth comb when washing your hair. It prevents tangles and knots from occurring.

2. Don’t wash your hair more frequently than once every two days. Washing your hair daily removes natural oils and moisture, causing your hair to become drier and weaker.

3. Try not to overuse shampoo and conditioner. Overusing these products strips away essential nutrients from your scalp, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria buildup.

4. Avoid hot water when drying your hair. Hot air dries your hair quicker, making it prone to breaking off. Instead, use lukewarm or cold water.

5. Keep your hair moisturised. Dry hair tends to look dull and lifeless, whereas well hydrated locks appear shiny and vibrant.

6. Brush your hair gently. Using a wide tooth comb allows you to remove any tangles before they form.

hair color ideas

7. When choosing a hair colour for your hair, opt for something close to your skin tone. Dark colours are often associated with graying, so if you don’t plan on going grey anytime soon, choose a lighter shade.

8. To avoid fading your highlights, make sure to protect them with a heat protector spray.

9. For blonde hair, mix up your shades. Blonde hair looks great as either light brown or golden tones.

coconut oil treatment

10. Coconut Oil has been proven effective against dandruff because it helps balance sebum production. Apply coconut oil directly onto your scalp twice per week.

11. Mix equal parts olive oil and castor oil together and apply this mixture to your scalp. Leave it overnight then rinse thoroughly the next day.

12. Massage your scalp with almond milk mixed with honey. Almond milk is rich in vitamin E, which strengthens hair roots. Honey nourishes damaged hair.


coarse hair care

13. Wash your hair less frequently. A weekly deep conditioning session followed by a gentle shower works wonders for coarse hair types.

14. Add protein powder into your diet. Protein powders contain amino acids that strengthen hair shafts. They also add volume and texture.

15. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration causes dryness and frizziness, both of which lead to breakage.

16. hair products

17. Choose a product that contains keratin proteins. These proteins work like glue to hold strands of hair together.

18. Moisturise your hair after each wash. This will prevent split ends and encourage growth.

19. Protect your hair from UV rays. The sun’s harmful UVA/UVB radiation damages hair follicles, leading to premature greying. Wear sunscreen regularly.

shorter hair styles

20. Shampooing too much can cause damage to your hair. If you have long hair, try using a shorter brush instead.

21. Cut bangs at least an inch below your eyebrows. This way, you’ll be able to see how far down your face your fringe goes without having to pull back your hair.

22. Curly hair needs special attention. You should only blow-dry curly hair straighten it.

hair spray 23. Use a leave-in conditioner rather than a regular one. It protects your hair while adding shine.

24. Spray some hairspray on your hair just prior to styling. This keeps your style intact until you’re ready to take it out.

25. Don’t forget about your ears! Hair sprays tend to get trapped inside ear canals, causing irritation.

26. Blow-drying your hair makes it easier to control its shape.

strong-hold hairspray 27. Strong-hold hairspray gives your hairstyle more staying power. However, use sparingly since strong-hold hairspray tends to weigh down fine hair.

28. Avoid getting your hair wet when applying gel. Gel dries quickly, making it difficult to keep your hair smooth.

29. Try not to overuse hairspray. Too much hairspray may result in brittle hair.