How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

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Mascara is a staple in the beauty industry. How long does mascara last unopened? How do you know when it’s time to throw out your old tube of mascara?

This blog post will discuss how to tell if your mascara is expired and what can be done about it!

What Is Mascara?

Mascara is a cosmetic that can use on men’s and women’s eyelashes. It can make them look longer, thicker, and dramatic.

There are many different kinds of mascara: volumizing, lengthening, waterproof or fiber-infused.

This beauty product saves you time and money. It is easy to apply and dried quickly. You can choose from different shapes for the applicator brush, such as hourglass-shaped brushes, which give you better control over your application!

Life of Mascara?

Unopened makeup can last up to two or three years, but it may be difficult for customers to determine if their product is completely sealed.

The expiration date on the packaging of unopened makeup varies depending upon how well you store them in a cool and dry place after opening.

However, this isn’t always easy given that there aren’t any stamps indicating complete sealing.

The shelf life of makeup can be shown by the PAO symbol printed on their composition. This is a number followed by an “M,” which represents months between opening and expiration.

Maintaining your makeup is essential. To make sure it doesn’t make you sick, you need to know how long the products last before they expire. Using the product by its expiration date will be as good as new and not hurt anyone.

You don’t have too many rules when you are using cosmetics. The chemicals might react differently to different conditions like heat or other things, so it is hard to know how long they will last. 

For example, lip liner pencils might stay sharp for more extended periods, but at times you will need to sharpen them more often depending on if you use them all the time or not.

Is it true that if you don’t use your mascara, it dries up?

If you haven’t opened your mascara, it doesn’t dry out. If the mascara is past the date but has not been used, you can keep it for up to two years.

If the color changes or becomes thick or gloopy after opening, don’t use it and throw it away instead.

When you run out of cosmetics, you have to wait for them to come back. If you buy some before they’re gone, then you will always have some.

How Long Does Mascara Last

There are no precise rules about when your cosmetics will be ruined. They last longer if they are of good quality and if you use them less often.

You can tell how old a beauty product is by looking at the expiration date.

There are no rules about how long things last, but if you have been using your senses and storing it well, then you can figure out how long something is good for.

The FDA says that if the product is stored correctly and in excellent condition, you can use it even after its expiration date.

But this isn’t always true. When deciding whether or not to use a product, think about what to look for when determining whether or not it is still usable.

In the bottle, there is a date of when it will open. But most businesses put a date on the bottle for us to know how long it will be suitable for. You can keep them in your fridge or somewhere cold.

Be careful not to buy things that don’t have a date on them, because then you can’t know how long they will last before they go bad and need to be thrown away!

If you spend less than $20 on a tube of mascara, you should replace it every 3-6 months. If you spend more than $20 on a tube of mascara, then you should buy a new one every three months.

Mascara is not more expensive when you use it right. It doesn’t matter if you buy $6 or $26 mascara–make sure that the mascara isn’t dirty.

You should limit yourself to one or two tubes of mascara. You can also store your used mascara for up to 6 months, but do not keep them after 2 years because they will get old and become useless.

How to tell if your mascara has expired?

When you put makeup on, a jar symbol should appear. It should be followed by the letter M and then an open jar image. 

The letter P is for the period after opening (PAO), and it indicates how many months after start, the product will remain stable. 

You might want to think about when you first opened it up in April or May because other eyeshadows are not as good as long as mascara and could be used sooner.

Now, let’s look at the different colors of diamonds for engagement rings. They are white and pink. But they are not the only ones available. 

There is also blue, yellow, red, green, purple, and black. Blue has no hue or color in its purest state (that is called EIA).

 It might be stamped with 6M or 12M, and it might have up to five years’ fragrance (sometimes).

The original packaging might have the information on it. If there is no sign, the person might throw it away. The first step is to smell. If something smells bad, discard it immediately. Is the makeup white?

If your skin feels different, make sure that the texture is changing or not. Throw it out if it is. After three months, mascara is one of the most well-known makeup items among women. 

Even after you’ve only cleaned your skin, bacteria can build up on the mascara wand and cause issues in the eye area. These accumulate over time and will happen if you do not use the product before it becomes thicker and lumpier.

Expiration dates are essential to make up. Dry or crumbling makeup may be found, and no moisture is used because germs may enter the product. 

The colors might not look bright, and powdery makeup might be challenging to use because of this.

Mascara usually lasts for two years before you need to replace it. But, if you use it for longer than three months, the inside of your mascara will start to flake, and it won’t look good on your face. 

Your eyelashes are there to stop dust and other pollutants from getting into your eyes.

Extend The Life Of Your Mascara.

Extend The Life Of Your Mascara.

There are many ways to increase the amount of time your mascara lasts.

First, you can avoid heat. It can make the product dry out and make it worse over time.

Second, try not to pump too much on or off. It will cause the tire to dry out and wear out faster than if you did.

Third, be sure to put closed containers in high temperatures for a long time. Open containers would break down faster in the heat if they were preserved well.

How to store your makeup, so it lasts longer and doesn’t dry out?

Use a cotton swab or something else soft to take the product out of the container. Then pour some rubbing alcohol onto your hand. 

Hold the product with one hand and swirl it in the rubbing alcohol for about 2 seconds. Please wait for 30 seconds before putting it back into its original container.

This trick will keep your mascara fresh. Add alcohol to it, and it will not go bad so quickly. You can use this trick on makeup you don’t often use because the alcohol kills germs.

  • If you are 12 years old or older, the figures are merely averages. But if you are younger than 12, these figures are not correct.
  • It would help if you did not buy everything you see. It is a good idea only to purchase products when they are on sale, and there is 50% off or more.
  • You will not use up all 10 pots of face lotion before they expire.
  • It is hard to know how many people visit a doctor as a result of using old items. But in 2014, around 30% of all injuries were from cosmetics.
  • Two studies in Brazil found that what contaminated nearly all the mascara owned by women with staph germs.

Frequency Ask Question Of How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

How can you tell whether mascara went wrong?

Your mascara might dry out after three to six months. Make sure that you use it every day and do not let it sit around in the tube without contact with air. It can dry out and then not work well. You should also change your mascara tube every year to keep it safe because it may be a sign of eye infection if there is no product inside.

Is your mascara expired?

When you are using mascara, make sure that there is not any dryness or caking. If the smell is odd, it means the mascara has expired. When it smells bad or old, throw it away.

How many times must the mascara be substituted?

When you switch it out: All makeup, like eyeliner, is not suitable for two to three months after you open it.

If you don’t open mascara, does it go wrong?

You should throw out mascara that has not been used for over 6 months, but if it is brand new or unopened, you can wait up to two years. If someone does not clean their makeup well, they should replace the tube every 3 months.

How do you store mascara without opening it?

If you want the products in your backup to last as long as possible, put them in a refrigerator or cabinet. This is because these things will make the product break down more quickly, but it also depends on what they are made of.


Not all makeup lasts forever. If you use products that have expired, they may not work as well. Check the PAO symbol to find out how many months your product will last after opening it and use it before the time is up, or else there might be a skin infection or irritation.

It’s sad when you can’t get through the products that you like. It’s even worse when companies change what they’re making to fit current trends.

You might think that your mascara is still good, but it might have bacteria in it. That means that after 3 months of having opened the product or 3 years if not opened, you should get rid of it.

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