Irish Spring has been around since the 1930s and is now owned by Unilever. It was initially created to clean babies’ bottoms and is now used to clean hands and faces.

Is Irish Spring soap safe to use? Is it safe to use on children? I am going to answer these questions and more in this article.

Origin Of Irish Spring Soap

This soap started in 1879. who made antiseptic handwash from water mixed with lye. This product became popular among doctors who used it in their surgeries. They liked it so much, and they started telling patients to use this soap too. So it created a company called Wm, and they began making this soap for people to buy.

Toxic ingredients of Irish spring soap

The ingredients used to make up the Irish spring soap are listed below:

Sodium Hydroxide – This ingredient helps to get the dirt off your body. It can remove dead skin cells from the surface of your body too.

Lactic Acid – Lactic acid has antibacterial properties. It means that it can keep bacteria away from us.

Aloe Vera Extracts – Aloe vera can be used on sensitive skin.

These are the ingredients in Irish Spring soap:

1) Sodium Laureth Sulfate: This ingredient helps remove dirt from your body. It makes hair soft and shiny.

2) Cocamidopropyl Betaine: CAPB is an emulsifier, which separates the water molecules from each other. It prevents lather from happening during washing.

3) Citric Acid: The benefits are greater when you use sodium lauryl sulfate with citric acid.

 Types Of Irish Spring Soap

The company offers two kinds of things. One is the regular version, and the other is for sensitive skin.

We can tell that there are some differences between the two versions by looking at their names. Here they are:

Regular Version: Regular Irish Spring soap has 1% aloe vera extract. The other kind does not have any. Regular Irish Spring also has 2% citric acid, but the other type only has 0.5%.

Sensitive Version: The sensitive version comes with 3% aloe vera. It also has no citric acid at all.

 Benefits Of Using Irish Spring Soap

There are many reasons why you should start using Irish Spring soap. Some of them are:

It cleans you: Irish Spring soap is made of pure, white glycerin and removes dirt better than regular soap when used with warm water.

It smells excellent: The unique fragrance stimulates your brain, making you more energetic and active throughout the day. This soap has five different fragrances- Wild Berries, Original, Aloe, Lavender, and Mango & Papaya. You can choose a variety that you prefer the most or try all of them to see how each of them has a specific effect on your moods!

It saves you money: Another benefit of using Irish spring bar soaps is that it will save you from buying body washes/gels, which end up in wastage because you can’t finish it. So, if you use Irish Spring soap instead, your money will be saved, and also, there is no chance of wastage.

It helps the environment: The Irish Spring soap bar is recyclable (doesn’t go to landfills) and helps keep our planet clean by reducing pollution.

It has moisturizing effects:  Irish Spring Bar soap contains natural ingredients that help maintain your skin’s moisture balance, giving you soft, healthy-looking skin for 24 hours after using it!

It’s versatile: This unique soap cleanses different stains like ink, oil paint, grease, etc. It prevents them from appearing on clothes again. It can even be used as a stain remover on your soil, clothes and bathtubs!

It fights against bacteria: Irish Spring soaps effectively destroy germs by killing 99% of all common household bacteria that affect the skin.

Multiple sizes available for different purposes: Irish Spring comes in 5 different shapes- round, oval, square, rectangular, and jumbo bar. The size depends on its usage or purpose like bathing or washing clothes etc. So you can choose the best one according to your need!

Easy to use: Irish Spring has made its bars convenient for customers to hold them while they shower, unlike other soap brands that come with a soap dish.

It’s great for athletes: If you are an athlete or sportsperson, Irish Spring bar soap gives you maximum benefits because it helps eliminate odours (that develop due to sweating) and washes away the sweat stains, grime and dirt. Caused by strenuous workouts!

It doesn’t irritate your skin: Irish Spring is specially made with mild ingredients that don’t cause any irritation, like- dermatologically tested moisturizing elements (olive oil), Vitamin E, glycerin etc. So even if you have sensitive skin, there won’t be any problems while using this fantastic soap!

Keeps pets clean & fresh too: Dogs and cats start smelling bad if not cleaned for months! To make them stay fresh and clean always, you can use Irish Spring bar soap on them too.

It’s pocket-friendly: Irish Spring costs very little than other soap brands even though it has excellent benefits unparalleled by others. So this makes the product highly affordable, which is a massive benefit for people who work on everyday budgets!

Green packaging: The current green packaging shows how much Irish Spring cares about nature, so if you love recycling, this will be your favorite soap brand!

Travel-friendly bars: All these unique features have come together in one package, giving all the more reasons to start using Irish Spring Bar Soap today.

Irish Spring Soap Side Effects

Since Irish Spring soap is available in different fragrances, it might have different side effects on everyone depending upon their skin type. It can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people or have a history of allergies due to fragrance ingredients. So if you are facing any problem with this soap, consult your doctor before using it!

Irish Spring bar soaps are made from natural ingredients that who widely used in the past. They are beneficial for health and aren’t harmful in any way! So you can use them without any doubts about them being unhealthy for your skin!

As far as the bars containing Vitamin E are concerned, vitamin E is good for the skin, but excess can be dangerous because they increase blood pressure, which leads to other complications. So it’s better not to use soaps containing Vitamin E if you have a history of heart disease in your family.

Is Irish Spring Soap A Help With Acne?

Irish Spring Soap makes your skin feel fresh and clear. The best soap for people with oily skin is this one.

It would help if you used a harsh bar on your face. Irish Spring Soap is made in a lab, but it can cause more skin problems like drying your skin. If you want to wash your face, use a milk cleanser, handmade or gentle soap, lotion, or other soaps without fragrance to wash your face.


The last thing is that Irish Spring soap can be safe for use in the shower. It may depend on how it’s used and what kind of skin you have, so try out a few different brands to find which one works best with your body chemistry.

If you’re not sure about any other ingredient in the soap, do some research before continuing to use it or discontinue its usage if possible.

You should also remember that most products we buy at the store contain chemicals and additives made by humans and machine processes, even seemingly “all-natural” items like plant oils and extracts!

But this doesn’t mean they are always bad for us; take note of them when considering new facial products or household cleaners off grocery shelves.

FAQs Of Irish Spring soap

What are the different variants of Irish Spring soap?

There are six different variants on the official website of the Irish spring soap, which have got different types of ingredients in them.

Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic?

Irish spring soap is not a toxic soap if you use the soap with the instructions given.

What variants of Irish spring soap are available?

The other variants are Irish Clean Scrub, Hair and Body, Intensify, and Signature For Men.

What are the benefits of using this soap?

It helps the skin always to remain fresh and smooth.

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